Top 20 Companies Hiring for AI and ML Jobs in 2024
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) stand at the Front of innovation and Change. These continuously advancing fields are not just reshaping the Tech Landscape but are also becoming integral to a number of sectors in the Industry, ranging from Healthcare to Finance, and from Automotive Vehicles to The Entertainment Industry. As we Delve into 2024, The Impact and growth of the AI and ML Job market are more pronounced than ever with Companies Hiring for AI increasing constantly, presenting a Number of Opportunities for both Professionals and Freshers alike.

This Expanding Demand is fuelled by the Transformative nature of AI and ML. These technologies are not just about building smarter machines but are about enhancing the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us. Companies across the Globe are on a constant lookout for talented individuals who can drive innovation and steer them towards a future where the possibilities seem boundless.

In this blog, we will go through Top 20 Companies Hiring for AI and ML Jobs in 2024 that are leading the charge in hiring for AI and ML roles. Our focus is not just on the opportunities available but also on the scope for freshers to step into this exciting domain. So, Lets See the Top 20 Companies Hiring for AI and ML Jobs in 2024:



1 . Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon’s extensive use of AI in e-commerce and cloud computing, along with its new Bedrock platform, positions it as a major contributor to the AI industry.
  • Job Openings: Software Engineers, Product Managers, Researchers.
  • Work Policy: Flexibility with onsite and remote options.
  • Perks: Competitive salaries, health benefits, and a 401k program.
  • Amazon AI Jobs: A pathway for those looking to impact AI at a global scale.


Upside AI

2. Upside

  • Upside is transforming retail technology with its sophisticated platform, offering users significant cash back and benefiting local retailers and sustainability initiatives.
  • Roles Available: Software Engineers, Retail Technology Experts.
  • Work Culture: More than 300 employees, fostering community growth and inclusivity.
  • Perks: Strong focus on community impact and employee well-being.
  • Careers at Upside: A great fit for those interested in AI’s role in retail and community development.



3. ServiceNow

  • ServiceNow is redefining how the world works with its cloud-based platforms and solutions, aiming to create great experiences and boost productivity for both employees and enterprises.
  • Hiring Scope: Cloud Technology Experts, AI Developers.
  • Company Insights: A large, rapidly growing company with over 20,000 employees.
  • Benefits: A wide range of employee benefits and a commitment to making the world work better for everyone.
  • Join ServiceNow: For those driven to improve enterprise efficiency through AI and cloud solutions.


4. Blueprint Test Prep

  • With a focus on high-stakes test prep, Blueprint leverages cutting-edge technology and powerful data analytics to create personalized and innovative learning experiences.
  • Opportunities: EdTech Innovators, AI Specialists.
  • Company Size & Environment: A fully remote team of around 650, passionate about education and technology.
  • Advantages: A culture of freedom and responsibility, dedicated to improving lives through education.
  • Work at Blueprint: For those who aspire to blend AI with educational advancements.


  • DFIN offers global risk and compliance solutions, combining domain expertise, software, and data analytics to support clients through their business and investment lifecycles.
  • Roles Open: IT Professionals, AI Developers.
  • Working Conditions: Over 2,600 employees, with a focus on providing confidence in critical moments.
  • Benefits: Competitive compensation and a commitment to global risk and compliance innovation.
  • DFIN Careers: Suited for individuals looking to make an impact in the fintech and AI space.




6. Flatfile

  • Flatfile specializes in data importing solutions, providing a platform that supports multiple spreadsheet formats and normalizes data via intuitive matching and validation.
  • Hiring Areas: Software Engineering, Data Management.
  • Company Environment: A fully remote team of 75, focused on data efficiency and security.
  • Perks: A culture centered on innovation in data management.
  • Join Flatfile: Ideal for those enthusiastic about data solutions and AI.



7. kea

  • kea is revolutionizing the restaurant industry with its conversational AI, enhancing customer service and boosting revenue for restaurant chains.
  • Job Openings: AI Engineers, ML Specialists.
  • Workplace: Fully remote, fostering innovation in food tech.
  • Employee Benefits: Competitive salaries and a focus on human-centered AI solutions.
  • Work at kea: For those passionate about transforming the food service industry with AI.


8. Adarga

  • Adarga provides AI software solutions offering robust analytics and insights to enhance decision-making for businesses.
  • Roles Available: AI Software Developers, Analytics Experts.
  • Culture: Focused on leveraging AI for strategic business insights.
  • Perks: Opportunities to work on cutting-edge AI analytics solutions.
  • Careers at Adarga: A great fit for those looking to advance AI’s role in business analytics.


9. Affectiva

  • Specializing in Emotion AI, Affectiva is expanding the possibilities of AI understanding human emotions, enhancing experiences across automotive, market research, and other sectors.
  • Hiring for: AI Developers, Emotion Recognition Specialists.
  • Company Insights: Pioneering the field of Emotion AI with a diverse team.
  • Benefits: A dynamic environment focused on groundbreaking AI research.
  • Join Affectiva: Ideal for those interested in the intersection of AI and human emotion.

AI Foundation

10. AI Foundation

  • The AI Foundation is dedicated to creating AI that positively impacts society, focusing on ethical AI development and distribution.
  • Opportunities Available: Ethical AI Developers, Research Scientists.
  • Work Environment: Committed to responsible AI development.
  • Employee Perks: Working at the forefront of ethical AI challenges and solutions.
  • Careers at AI Foundation: For those driven by the mission of ethical and beneficial AI development.


11. DeepMind Technologies

  • At the forefront of AI research, DeepMind Technologies is acclaimed for breakthroughs like AlphaFold, significantly impacting scientific understanding and AI safety.
  • Hiring Focus: AI researchers, Ethical AI specialists, Engineers.
  • Company Environment: A research-oriented, flexible workplace.
  • Benefits: Competitive salaries, comprehensive health insurance, and a focus on employee growth.
  • Join DeepMind: For those aspiring to be at the AI innovation vanguard.


12. Grammarly

  • Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant is transforming how we communicate, offering tools for enhancing writing across various platforms.
  • Job Openings: Engineers, Designers, Marketing, Sales, Operations.
  • Workplace: Remote-first hybrid, offering flexibility.
  • Employee Benefits: Comprehensive health benefits, competitive salaries.
  • Work at Grammarly: For those keen on improving communication through AI.

OpenAI Residency Program

13. OpenAI

  • OpenAI, famed for its GPT-4 language model, is dedicated to developing AI safely and beneficially, reflecting a deep commitment to the future of humanity.
  • Roles Available: Engineers, Policy Experts, Safety Specialists.
  • Culture: A mix of pioneering research and a commitment to ethical AI.
  • Perks: Competitive benefits, growth opportunities, and a supportive environment.
  • Careers at OpenAI: A call to those passionate about ethical AI development.


14. Hive

  • Specializing in intelligent automation, Hive’s AI solutions are revolutionizing content understanding with a range of pre-trained AI models.
  • Hiring Areas: Engineering, Product, Design, Sales.
  • Company Size & Environment: Mid-sized, onsite with standard hours.
  • Benefits: Comprehensive health coverage, competitive salary.
  • Join Hive: For innovators in AI-driven content solutions.


15. Sanctuary

  • Sanctuary aims to create general-purpose robots with human-like intelligence, addressing global labor shortages and enhancing work efficiency.
  • Opportunities: Engineers, Data Scientists, Robotics Experts.
  • Flexibility: Remote or onsite, with flexible hours.
  • Perks: Full health benefits, equity options.
  • Careers at Sanctuary: For those driven to redefine robotics and AI.


16. Lambda

  • A leader in GPU cloud services for Deep learning, Lambda provides critical infrastructure for training large-scale AI models, serving clients from various prestigious institutions and tech giants.
  • Roles Open: Engineering, Product, Marketing, Manufacturing.
  • Working Conditions: Choice of remote or onsite work with flexible hours.
  • Employee Benefits: Comprehensive medical coverage, flexible PTO, and a 401k program.
  • Lambda Careers: Ideal for those passionate about the hardware powering AI advancements.



17. Tessian

  • Tessian’s cloud email security platform leverages machine learning to protect against advanced cyber threats, safeguarding organizations worldwide.
  • Recruiting for: Engineers, Designers, Marketers.
  • Culture: A blend of remote and onsite work, offering flexibility.
  • Employee Perks: Full medical benefits, generous annual leave, and equity options.
  • Career at Tessian: Ideal for those dedicated to cybersecurity and AI.


18. Dataiku

  • Dataiku, a unicorn in the AI field, offers an advanced platform for building and deploying predictive models, simplifying AI and machine learning for organizations.
  • Vacancies: Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Operations.
  • Work Environment: Flexibility with remote or onsite options.
  • Advantages: Competitive salary, healthcare benefits, and a welcoming team.
  • Join Dataiku: A chance for those who thrive in innovative data science environments.

W and B

19. Weights & Biases

  • Providing a MLOps platform akin to a ‘GitHub for ML models’, Weights & Biases is a key player in AI research and development, assisting in model optimization and collaboration.
  • Hiring: Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Legal.
  • Working Model: Remote, with standard full-time hours.
  • Benefits: Comprehensive health insurance, unlimited PTO.
  • Explore W&B Careers: For those who aspire to shape the future of machine learning.

20. Shield AI

  • Specializing in AI pilot technology, Shield AI’s Hivemind autonomy stack has been deployed in combat, showcasing its capability in autonomous aircraft missions.
  • Hiring for: AI Researchers, Engineers, Robotics Specialists.
  • Size and Environment: Over 600 employees, with a dynamic and innovative work culture.
  • Benefits: Competitive compensation and a forward-thinking work environment.
  • Join Shield AI: Ideal for those passionate about AI in aerospace and defense

Each of these companies is making significant strides in their respective AI fields, offering unique opportunities for professionals passionate about advancing technology and its applications.

Each of these Top 20 Companies Hiring for AI and ML Jobs represent the cutting edge of AI and ML, offering unique opportunities to contribute to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology. Whether you are starting your career or looking to make a significant impact in the field, these organizations offer exciting prospects for growth, innovation, and professional development in the realm of artificial intelligence..

So, This was our Take on Top 20 Companies Hiring for AI and ML Jobs in 2024.

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